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Strengthening Our Service Network with Dickinson Fleet Services

The adoption of electric vehicles has grown tremendously this year thanks to increased regulatory activity and attention on climate change. Beyond delivery and transportation, the switch from diesel to electric is happening across many industries.

As more and more fleets are looking to go electric, we at Xos Trucks have been thrilled to form new partnerships with companies across the country who are working to lower their carbon footprint. To date, we’ve partnered with network providers like UPS and Loomis, and manufacturing partners Metalsa and Hino Trucks.

Xos’ goal is to be an electric partner across the transportation ecosystem and today, we’re excited to announce a partnership in a new segment: fleet maintenance and management. Dickinson Fleet Services, one of the nation’s largest independent fleet maintenance and management companies, will purchase five medium-duty, zero-emission Xos vehicles and use them to service electric vehicles. Dickinson provides mobile on-site maintenance and repair services for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers and has more than 700 mobile units operating nationwide.

As former fleet operators, we recognize that uptime means everything to commercial fleets. When a truck goes down, it’s not just costing a fleet the money that it takes to repair the vehicle, but also the opportunity cost of not having that asset out in the field making money. We recognize the importance of uptime at Xos and are thrilled to be partnering with Dickinson, who has long been ahead of the curve with adopting new technology and shifting the way fleets think about maintenance and uptime.

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