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Introducing Xos Financing to Help Fleets Transition to Fully Electric

Climate change has remained an eye-opening concern in 2020 with rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and California and the entire west coast coming off the worst wildfire season to date, to name a few. Our mission at Xos Trucks is not only to combat climate change by removing carbon from our supply chain with fully electric vehicles but to help fleets lower their overall costs by offering electric trucks that are reliable and affordable. To make this vision a reality, fleets need to have the financial resources and tools to invest in an electric future. We recognize making this investment is not easy, especially when margins are already so thin. That’s why we’re launching a new service today.

In an effort to bring our innovative technology to market as fast as possible, we’re proud to introduce a comprehensive financial solution that allows fleets to purchase electric trucks, charging equipment, and infrastructure with financing terms that meet their unique operational and financial needs.

Introducing Xos Financing.

In partnership with DLL Group, a leading global equipment and technology asset finance partner owned by parent company Rabobank, we’re introducing full-service leases with attractive residual values that allow for competitive lease payments. It’s our goal to help fleets realize the cost savings found with EV solutions immediately, even with a potential premium cost of a zero-emission electric truck. With savings found in reduced energy, field, and maintenance costs, the full-service leases offered through this partnership allow for fleets of all sizes to make the move to fully electric vehicles with a lower cost of ownership than traditional diesel trucks.

As one of the world’s largest finance providers and the #1 vendor finance provider in the U.S. for the 11th consecutive year, DLL Group is the ideal partner for us. In DLL Group, we have found an experienced team that actively operates in more than 30 countries located in North America, Europe, and South America. They service nine industries including transportation, agriculture, clean energy, construction, food, healthcare, industrial, office equipment, and technology. DLL is the first of a network of partners that Xos will unveil over the coming months.

Xos Financing is available immediately, and you can learn more by visiting www.xostrucks.com/financing. We’re thrilled to announce Xos Financing as a first-of-its-kind electric fleet-as-a-service and help fleets nationwide make the transition to fully electric.

This is just the beginning. As we look to the future, we’re excited to introduce additional financial tools that will help our customers bring Xos’ electric fleet-as-a-service to market.


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