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Why Global Day of the Engineer is Personal at Xos Trucks

The work is deceptively quiet. Much is absorbed by a computer screen, sharp focus dedicated to calculations and simulations, until what has been created on screen takes physical form to be seen and touched and in our case, driven. At a glance, one may not realize that these devoted engineers are surreptitiously attacking some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Today Xos shines a light on this work with Global Day of the Engineer. While the group deserves worldwide acclaim, a massive global scope may make the recognition feel abstract and ambiguous, too grandiose to grasp. So we make it personal. We make it personal for each engineer on our team, for the names and faces we know, for the women and men who walk our halls. It’s these individuals we wish to highlight the most.

Although they’re engineering solutions to collective issues like climate change, their work is intensely personal to us. Our shared mission of decarbonizing transportation not only impacts the earth’s environment, it tangibly affects the health of our own families and friends, influencing the wellbeing of our own neighborhoods and communities. We see the toxicity of carbon emissions for the people around us and the skies above us.

We’re keenly aware that those skies connect us back to the worldwide population. Any replacement of a diesel truck with an Xos truck significantly cuts carbon emissions; fleets can keep a vehicle on the road, but drop its emissions to zero. No pollution is permitted a chance to drift to another city, country, or continent. More clearly than ever, the past year has demonstrated how deeply interconnected we are with the rest of the world. Beyond borders, beyond any lines that seem to separate us, our lives are intertwined with the global population.

So the pendulum swings: from global to personal, the work of our engineers delivers massive impact across the spectrum. In the same way, we celebrate Global Day of the Engineer but personally acknowledge those on our own Xos team. These are the engineers who show us, each day, what it means to use individual skill to address issues that face us all. We thank you. We honor you. We eagerly anticipate all the good you’ll continue to contribute to our world, quietly working to make our lives better.

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