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Introducing Powered by Xos™, Our New Powertrain Division

We stand on the horizon of an electric future. Electric vehicles — both passenger and commercial — represent the transportation of tomorrow. The public has long welcomed consumer-oriented electric passenger cars. Now federal and state government initiatives are supporting surging consumer demand for commercial electrical vehicles (EVs). New proposals by the California Air Resources Board call for 100% of heavy-duty trucks sold to be zero-emission by 2045.The Biden administration recently announced a $174 billion proposal focused on securing EV-related production materials and expanding OEM manufacturing capabilities.

Here at Xos we’ve long heralded the promise of an electrified future in commercial transportation. Our focus is the design and delivery of world-class, 100% electric commercial vehicles. Our durable medium- and heavy-duty trucks help fleets run more efficiently and effectively — all while reducing fleet operators’ total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimizing vehicle emissions. Our durable products have been field-tested since 2018 and client-approved by industry leaders such as UPS, Loomis, and Lonestar.

Today Xos is proud to announce its newest offering to help businesses seamlessly transition off-highway and specialty commercial fleets to electric vehicles.

A Wiggins eBull Operates The Port of Stockton

Our new Powertrain division — Powered by Xos — provides clients the opportunity to electrify their commercial vehicles with our state-of-the-art powertrain technologies. Powered by Xos provides customers with best-in-class components and battery-electric technologies purpose-designed for each fleet operator’s specific needs. Clients now have access to our broad range of electric powertrain solutions, including high-voltage batteries, power distribution and management systems, battery management systems, system controls and connectivity software, inverters, electric traction motors, auxiliary drive systems, and design and integration services.

Leading our new powertrain division is industry veteran Brett Wilson, a powertrain technology expert whose expansive career in sales and engineering includes 15 years at Cummins, Inc. A customer-centric leader, Brett understands the intricacies of battery-electric technology and the importance of tailored powertrain solutions to achieve maximum customer value.

Xos is proud to announce Wiggins Lift Co., Inc. — an industry leader and premier manufacturer of high-capacity forklifts — as our first Powered by Xos client. Based in Oxnard (CA), Wiggins’ 60+ year history in manufacturing underscores its status as a leading global supplier of high-capacity forklifts for marine, construction, agriculture, military, and specialized applications. Wiggins’ initial order included 20 Xos powertrain systems for its Yard eBull product line to be used in ports to load and unload cargo ships — followed by an additional order of 18 additional systems. Fourteen systems have been successfully deployed in Wiggins’ Yard eBull units and are currently in service in California’s Port of Stockton.

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