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Expanding the Xos Ecosystem with UniFirst

Xos trucks have successfully taken on parcel delivery, cash delivery, and now, we’re adding linen delivery to the laundry list. We’re proud to announce a partnership with UniFirst, a leader in the supply and servicing of uniform and workwear programs, as well as the delivery of facility service programs. The company serves North America, Canada, and Europe, that champions sustainability across all aspects of business.

Xos Last-Mile Delivery Focus

Like parcel and cash delivery, textile delivery is an example of an industry characterized by last-mile-delivery and return-to-base routes. Xos specifically targets delivery trucks traveling less than 200 miles per shift, returning to base at night, and driving such predictable routes each day.

In fact, the majority of Class 5 through Class 8 regional commercial vehicles travel less than 200 miles per shift, providing an ideal opportunity for companies to transition to electric vehicles for these types of service routes.

Xos manufactures the X-Platform 1 to accommodate any fleet’s needs. Our proprietary chassis system features a modular design adaptable to a range of medium-duty vehicle bodies, wheelbases, and range requirements of up to 200 miles, all emissions-free to meet both current and future environmental regulations.

Industrial washers at a UniFirst facility. Image courtesy of UniFirst.

A Closer Look at UniFirst

Since its founding in 1936, UniFirst has grown into a leader in the uniform rental and facility services industry, providing uniforms, personal protective equipment (PPE), and related services to more than 300,000 unique business locations. The company outfits more than 2 million workers daily and launders 700 million pounds of textiles, which translates to tens of millions of miles on the road every year.

An Industry Ready for Change: UniFirst Sustainability Efforts

Although the uniform rental and delivery industry provides a critical service to essential businesses, the industry can be both resource- and energy-intensive. In response, industry leaders have been re-evaluating the heavy industrial processes required in the uniform rental and facility services sector to find more environmentally-sound solutions.

Image courtesy of UniFirst.

UniFirst recognizes the environmental concerns within the industry and has developed a comprehensive plan and strong Corporate Social Responsibility program to work toward sustainability.

Environmentally-conscious practices and accomplishments at UniFirst include:

  • Establishing UniFirst Production monitoring (UPM) to improve factory throughout and reduce energy consumption during manufacturing.
  • Investing in material innovations to improve the safety, durability, and mobility of workwear.
  • Becoming the first private launderer to get licensed for decontaminating clothing worn by workers at nuclear plants.
  • Creating a robust product recycling program that repurposes used textile and related products for new uses.
  • Named to Barron’s 2021 list of “100 Most Sustainable Companies” as assessed against 230 performance indicators in 28 environmental, social, and corporate governances.

UniFirst’s four-thousand-strong delivery truck fleet travels 69 million miles per year, but is carefully managed to reduce energy consumption. Now, in partnership with Xos, UniFirst will be able to cut carbon emissions even further while maintaining an effective, cost-efficient fleet.

A Strategic Business Partnership Built On Shared Values

Xos is excited to partner with a company that shares our dedication to moving the world forward through sustainable technology, enabling resource-intensive industries and companies like UniFirst to operate more efficiently and sustainably.





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