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Xosphere Spotlight: Loomis

Since the company’s inception in 1925, Loomis has grown into the largest integrated cash-distribution network in the United States. In response to regulatory and environmental considerations, Xos developed Class 6 electric armored trucks for Loomis to satisfy top operational priorities such as safety, security, reliability, and sustainability.

These purpose-built armored EVs lower the environmental footprint from transport operations, ensure compliance with sweeping anti-idling regulations, and offer drivers unparalleled ease of operation compared to traditional diesel armored vehicles.

Loomis fully-electric armored vehicle, powered by Xos EV technology.

Collaboration with Xos

The electric armored delivery vehicle developed in partnership with Loomis is the first of its kind. Loomis trucks regularly carry loads of 11 tons or more, and must meet strict requirements of both security and safety. Xos focused on building out features that could answer to the unique demands of the cash delivery industry such as:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Payload capacity
  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of charging

Xos trucks was able to offer a solution in the form of the X-Platform, equipped with an armored shell and ideal for stop-and-go operations common in the cash delivery industry.

Compliance with Anti-Idling Laws

Anti-idling laws, meant to cut down on smog, presented a potential obstacle for Loomis vehicles: their armored trucks are never powered down for security reasons and typically idle for 50% of their total driving time. With Xos emissions-free EV technology powering these vehicles, Loomis can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. So, they’re able to comply with all laws in an efficient and cost-effective manner, which was previously impossible with more traditional diesel-powered vehicles.

Long-Term Sustainability

Jenny Palmblad, Head of Sustainability at Loomis, explains the importance of the Xos partnership in greater detail:

“Loomis possesses extremely high standards regarding our responsibility to our customers and the safety of their goods, and this mission supports our deep commitment to running a business that is sustainable over the long-term.

We chose to partner with Xos to begin to electrify our transport fleet as Xos was uniquely able to promptly deliver a vehicle to the road that meets all of our key specifications, including range, payload capacity, ease of operation, and ease of charge. Xos’ trucks have proven to be silent and easy to drive, with no heavy feel despite our vehicles’ large size, and have significantly enhanced our drivers’ delivery experience.”

Looking Forward

Xos remains committed to providing best-in-class, last-mile commercial electric vehicles to its partners like Loomis. This partnership underscores our shared commitment to sustainability.

Watch our video below to hear more about the impact of the electrification of Loomis armored vehicles from Loomis leadership:

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