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The Future, Delivered: Announcing Our Agreement to Supply 120 Electric Trucks to FedEx ISPs

President Biden recently announced a commitment from automakers to transition away from internal combustion engines to battery-powered vehicles. In support of this greater shift toward electric, Xos Trucks is happy to be at the forefront on the commercial side, with our zero-emission trucks on the road and in the hands of customers since 2018. We’re always looking to expand our partnerships to continue decarbonizing our roads. In light of that goal, we’re pleased to announce the planned delivery of 120 electric vehicles to select FedEx Independent Service Providers (ISPs) across five different states.

There are thousands of ground delivery contractors, also known as ISPs, operating within the United States. And in March of 2021, FedEx Corp. announced its long-term sustainability plans which include helping ISPs reach carbon-neutral operations by 2040. FedEx also stated that it would collaborate with ISPs to ensure all parcel pickups and deliveries were made with electric vehicles within the next 20 years.

ISPs employ drivers, managers, helpers, and other employees supporting FedEx Ground deliveries. According to FreightWaves, 80,000 vehicles are in use each day to move FedEx Ground packages for both B2B and B2C customers. ISPs also handle FedEx last-mile deliveries, which were previously coordinated by the USPS under a FedEx service.

Dakota Semler, Xos’ Co-Founder and CEO, summed up this announcement best: “Working with FedEx Ground operators, who operate every day within FedEx’s global delivery and logistics network, both validates our business model and our innovative, cost-efficient, zero-emission and operationally ready products, which are tailored for commercial fleets focusing on last-mile delivery.”

Xos looks forward to building partnerships with FedEx ISPs by continually working toward making electric fleet adoption easier and more efficient.

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