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Meet Xos Hub™: A Mobile Charging Station for Commercial Fleets

The topics of infrastructure and clean energy are dominating headlines with the recent passage of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill — $7.5 billion of which is earmarked for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. And it couldn’t come at a more important time.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, petroleum products like gas and diesel account for 90% of the energy used in the transportation sector. Electric comprises just 1%, most of which is concentrated in buses. Facilitating EV adoption by removing logistical, operational, and financial barriers is critical to improving those numbers.

With this information and context in mind, we’re proud to introduce Xos Hub™, our mobile charging station. Xos Hub is a key part of our newest business division: Xos Energy Solutions™ (XES), a suite of charging infrastructure and services designed to help businesses adopt electric fleets more easily. XES includes two main service offerings: Xos Hub and Xos Serve™, our infrastructure-as-a-service.

Xos Hub.

Xos Hub™

Xos Hub functions as a rapidly deployable battery solution, providing fleets with flexible charging options with no fixed infrastructure improvements required. This charging unit integrates seamlessly into existing electrical infrastructure without the need for permits or construction.

Xos Hub can charge five trucks at once with internal battery power or leverage power from a utility or other source to slowly draw energy from the grid for future charging. A solar array on the roof of Xos Hub also feeds into the system.

A look inside Xos Hub.

Xos Serve™

Xos Serve is Xos’ infrastructure-as-a-service, which enables clients to deploy sizable electric vehicle fleets without the need to manage the complexity typically involved with those large-scale deployments.

With this service platform, Xos handles all stages of the process, including energy procurement, mobile infrastructure installation, utility coordination, site evaluation, site preparation, energy storage, charger installation, energy management, and flexible purchasing.

Looking Toward an Electric Future

As fleets scale up infrastructure and electric vehicles in response to expanding commercial transportation and environmental regulations, solutions to control costs and keep deployments on schedule are critical. Xos Energy Solutions offers fleet owners and operators an expedient, all-in-one approach for fleet electrification. The impacts of climate change are already here, but so is the technology to help mitigate it.


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