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Breathe a Little Easier: Xos Celebrates California Clean Air Day 2021

Air pollution affects virtually everyone in some way, but certain populations carry a disproportionate burden. For example, people of color, children, older adults, individuals with underlying health conditions like asthma, and people living in disadvantaged neighborhoods are all high-risk groups vulnerable to the adverse health effects of poor air quality.

Regions within 1,000 to 1,600 feet from major roadways are impacted most by traffic-related pollution. Approximately 30% to 45% of people in large North American cities live within these zones.

LA City Councilman, Former State Senator, and 2022 LA mayoral candidate, Kevin de León, in front of an Xos vehicle at the California Clean Air Day event on Wednesday, October 6, 2021

As a company based in Los Angeles, a city that’s as famous for being an international cultural hub as it is for its pervasive smog and traffic, we understand what’s at stake when it comes to the air we breathe. This is why at Xos, our focus remains squarely on manufacturing durable, reliable, fully electric vehicles to replace diesel and positively contribute to the communities in LA and around the world.

The quality of the air we all share is a central motivator for what we do at Xos, but it’s essential to take even more decisive action to protect public health.

An Xos vehicle onsite at the City of LA Zero-Emission Delivery Zone pilot program launch event on Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Today is California Clean Air Day, a project of the Coalition for Clean Air to address the Golden State’s air pollution problems and encourage individuals, businesses, local governments, and nonprofits to participate in a day of action and awareness.

Los Angeles Zero-Emission Delivery Zone Pilot Program Launch

Xos Trucks was invited to participate in a press event with the Mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti, to launch the City of LA Zero-Emission Delivery Zone pilot program as part of the CA Clean Air Day initiatives. The program will start with five curbs designated for zero-emission delivery around the city. It’s the first fully enforceable program of its kind.

Austin Benzinger, Director of Business Development at Xos, attended the event, alongside our fully electric stepvan, to hear more about the importance of prioritizing the use of clean delivery vehicles in Los Angeles.

The city has a target of being carbon neutral by 2050, with a zero-carbon grid, zero-carbon transportation, zero-carbon buildings, zero waste, and zero wasted water, and Xos is proud to be part of this clean energy movement in LA and across the country.

Mayor of LA Eric Garcetti speaking in front of an Xos vehicle at the California Clean Air Day event on Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Despite routinely setting the standards for auto emission regulations, California is also home to one of the highest amounts of air pollution in the United States.

Clean Air Day is centered on the idea that shared experiences unite people to take action to improve our community health and commit to new habits. Last year, 1.6 million people and 50 counties in California participated in Clean Air Day.

The Coalition for Clean Air also compiled a list of individual actions you can take to improve your air quality, no matter where you live:


  • Change or clean your home air filter
  • Replace gas-powered yard tools with electric- or hand-powered tools
  • Make all online purchases in one order each week
  • Buy produce locally
  • Eat no meat for at least one day
  • Install an air quality monitor at your home
Our team member Holly volunteering at our quarterly Xos Day of Service


  • Plant a home garden or plot in a community garden
  • Plant a tree
  • Plant an indoor plant in your office and/or home


  • Telecommute/attend meetings remotely
  • Walk, bike or scoot to the store or transit stop
  • Take public transit
  • Carpool/vanpool
  • Switch to a hybrid or zero-emission vehicle

More Than Trucks

Words are powerful, but they need to be backed up by actions. We’re on track to ship 116 electric vehicles to customers by the end of this year, and 2,007 vehicles in 2022. Our commitment to rid our roads of enormous diesel polluters even led us to being selected as the winner of the Southern California region’s Best Tech for Good Timmy Award this year. To learn more about the award and other finalists, head to the Tech in Motion site here.

We’re dedicated to sustainability on the smallest levels, like recycling the coffee pods we use in the office, to bigger actions like planting trees, and it’s our goal to shift the way the world thinks about commercial transportation. Xos is working toward a larger industry change in the form of practical electric vehicles that make sense for both business and the environment. In the near future, Xos hopes to ensure our roadways are cleaner, quieter, and healthier for the communities that share the air around them.

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