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Xos Wins Gold: 2021 National Timmy Award Winner for Best Tech for Good

The ultimate award for us at Xos is running an ethical company with a team of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to building a more sustainable future. With that said, we are always thrilled to be able to add to our trophy case and bring our mission of decarbonizing transportation into the spotlight.

We’re happy to announce that Xos was chosen by a panel of judges as the National Winner for the Timmy Awards’ Best Tech for Good category. This win comes after we were selected as the Regional Winner for the Timmy Awards’ Best Tech for Good in Southern California after a popular vote. From there, we went to compete on the national stage with other regional winners across North America.

Best Tech for Good

The Best Tech for Good Award celebrates the companies who are building solutions to our most significant global problems, improving quality of life, and helping the world better adapt to our current reality. We are honored to be recognized on a national level by a distinguished panel of business and tech leaders, including:

  • Dan Ram, 5x Tedx Speaker, 3x Entrepreneur, Executive Coach
  • Kevin Wang, Vice President at .406 Ventures
  • Tim M. Edwards, Executive Director, Infrastructure Engineering at Ally
  • Stacey Yudin, President at Nep Services
  • Siddharth Bhai, Product Management Leader at Splunk
  • Justin Michela, Vice President, Architecture at Fidelity Investments
  • Akshaya Aradhya, Director Of Engineering, Data Platform Edge at Netflix
  • Freddy Rivera, Senior Program Manager — Diversity Programs at Oracle
  • Kapil Agarwal, Engineering Director at Salesforce
  • Denise Reed Lamoreaux, Worldwide Learning Director of Customer Success at Microsoft
  • Adam Cheyer, Co-Founder at Siri & Viv Labs
  • Nirmal Srinivasan, Software Engineering Director at Paypal
  • Dr. Anita Jinal, Senior Director Of Engineering at Vmware
  • Benjamin David Novak, Angel Investor at Delaware Crossing Investor Group
  • Erin Liao, Vice President, E2e 5g Systems at Ericsson
  • Bruce Wang, Engineering Director At Netflix

Hear Our Acceptance Speech

Watch below to hear from our Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Gio Sordoni.

Xos COO and Co-Founder, Gio Sordoni, delivers the acceptance speech for the Best Tech for Good Award.

And if you’d like to watch a replay of the full Timmy Awards ceremony, you can do so here.

More Than an Award

We might be known for trucks, but we’re inspired to tackle problems much bigger than anything on four wheels. Everyone deserves clean, unpolluted air, and part of the vision for a more sustainable future means more electric vehicles. We’re grateful to help lead the charge.


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