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Reflecting on a Weekend Fighting Food Insecurity with Los Angeles Mission

This past weekend, the Xos team lent a helping hand to Los Angeles Mission, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty in Los Angeles County. The Mission offers food, clothing, and shelter to those experiencing homelessness or those in jeopardy of becoming homeless. The organization also provides literacy, education, and employment training services to support and stabilize those living in the Mission’s housing units.

Our partnership with Los Angeles Mission kicked off earlier in November with a food drive organized at Xos headquarters. Staff from all departments across the company donated nonperishable goods over several weeks, resulting in enough donations to fill twelve pallets of food.

In addition to the food drive, Xos participated in five meal distribution deliveries. We partnered with LA Mission to distribute a total of 10,000 meals to underserved communities in Los Angeles and deployed our zero-emission stepvan for all transportation needs. Each initiative was part of LA Mission’s Race to Feed program, which aims to provide 300,000 meals in sixty days to Los Angeles families in need.

Our two Xos stepvans at the Thanksgiving meal box food distribution event on Sunday, November 21st

The Xos Stepvan Transforms into a Food Distribution e-Mobile

Last Thursday, November 18th, Xos team members loaded up our fully-electric stepvan with food drive donations. The food donated will go toward Christmas meals that will be given out at the Mission later this holiday season.

Friday, November 19th, marked the first of two food distribution events coordinated through LA Mission. Xos provided transportation services via our zero-emission stepvan as well as volunteers to help facilitate the distribution of 6,000 meal boxes during Friday’s event.

Loading up Race to Feed meal boxes into the stepvan.

At the LA Mission warehouse, Xos team members and LA Mission workers loaded up our stepvan and trailer with full meal boxes for Thanksgiving meals. Then, our joint team drove to four school distribution sites where families could stop by and pick up a meal box.

The final food distribution event occurred on Sunday, November 21st. Two of our stepvans plus a trailer traveled to the LA Mission warehouse to load up meal boxes and perishable items such as turkeys, milk, eggs, bacon, and vegetables.

Race to Feed boxes ready for distribution during Sunday’s meal box distribution event.

Sunday’s event was a drive-through, pick-up event for Guardians of Love, a foster youth organization sponsored by LA Mission. It featured ingredients to make a recipe authored by Los Angeles celebrity chef Michael Voltaggio.

Giving Back, Now and Long into the Future

Our partnership with LA Mission marks the kickoff of the Xos Community Action Program (XCAP). Through XCAP, we look forward to partnering with other local nonprofits that mitigate the impacts of some of the biggest issues LA residents face every day.

Check out our video covering our partnership with LA Mission below:

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