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Xos and Route Consultant: Bringing More Electric Trucks to FedEx Ground Contractors

In July, the Xos team headed to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the 2021 Route Consultant Contractor Expo, the largest independent gathering of FedEx ground contractors in the country. At the event, our CEO and Co-Founder, Dakota Semler, participated in a Q&A with Spencer Patton, the Founder and President of Route Consultant, around Xos technology and the benefits of EVs.

Building on that existing connection, we’re excited to announce that Route Consultant is our most recent partner, and has submitted an initial purchase order of 40 Xos vehicles. Route Consultant is a leading FedEx Ground route broker and consultant in the industry, managing a fleet of 275 trucks and 225 employees across the country.

The Xos fully-electric stepvan at Route Consultant Contractor Expo earlier this year.

With this order, Route Consultant becomes the owner of the largest EV fleet among FedEx Ground contractors. The 40 vehicles will be delivered across three different cities in the Midwestern United States. Ten trucks will be delivered to Springfield, Illinois, twenty to St. Louis, Missouri, and ten to Terre Haute, Indiana. These trucks will count toward the fulfillment of an order of 200 Xos vehicles for FedEx Ground contractors this year.

In a statement, Route Consultant Founder and President, Spencer Patton, said:

“This is a multi-million dollar investment that we are proud to make in Xos vehicles. I have long been impressed with Xos and their fully-electric, zero-emission vehicles, charging infrastructure, and fleet management services. Making this investment to add more Xos vehicles to our fleet was a no-brainer decision, and now we have become the largest owner of EV vehicles within FedEx Ground operators.”

From Nashville to Los Angeles and Beyond

We’re excited to partner with Route Consultant and grow our relationship even further. As one of the largest FedEx Ground contractors in the United States, Route Consultant covers hundreds of thousands of miles per year. Instead of driving all of those miles at the cost of clean air and fossil fuels, all of those routes will be zero-emission.

We look forward to helping Route Consultant modernize their fleets with clean, zero-emission vehicles to continue working toward our goal of decarbonizing commercial transportation.

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