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Bringing Electric Vehicles to the Peach State: Yancey Bros. Co. Partnership

We’re in the business of building commercial electric vehicles at Xos, but we’re also in the business of building relationships. On that note, we’re proud to announce that we’re entering into a strategic partnership with Yancey Bros. Co., the nation’s oldest Caterpillar dealer.

More About Yancey

Yancey Brothers Co. offers over a century of experience and has a strong reputation in the Southeastern United States. Our partnership with Yancey gives us an exciting opportunity to bring commercial electric vehicles to the state of Georgia.

Delivering Commercial EVs to Georgia Businesses

To bring our partnership vision to fruition and drive the adoption of Xos electric vehicles, Yancey will leverage existing infrastructure and facilities, including dedicated truck service centers across the state. Currently, Yancy operates 29 of these facilities.

“The finalization of this agreement between Yancey and Xos will allow us to deliver new and innovative solutions to our customers that meet the newest transportation emission standards,” said Trey Googe, President, and CEO of Yancey Bros. Co. “We are excited to partner with Xos and together lead the way toward environmentally friendly trucking solutions in Georgia.”

Looking Forward

Our goal at Xos is to provide Xos customers with sustainable fleet solutions within our changing industry. We strive for the best-in-class products and uptime through partner dealers who have proven track records of customer-focused working methods.

As Xos continues to grow, our distribution and support network of partners becomes increasingly important to get vehicles in the hands of our customers. We look forward to seeing our truck numbers grow in the Peach State in partnership with Yancey and expanding into new markets in the future.


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