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Our 300th Hire: Celebrating Staff Growth and Recruiting Milestones

Over the last year, our staff has grown by 450%, and we’re still going strong. In fact, we’ve just marked our 300th hire, which is cause for celebration as we continue to expand and build our incredible workforce.

As we scale production and plan for the future, we’re laser-focused on finding the right talent to help us grow. Xos is an ideal fit for individuals hungry for a different kind of work experience centered on pushing an entire industry forward, while also having a positive impact on the environment.

A Different Kind of Company

From early founding members of Tesla to space explorers, the executive and leadership teams are steeped in expertise and knowledge. Some of our notable recent senior leadership hires and board members include:

  • Scott Zion: Director of Medium Duty Vehicles
  • Kirk Rasmussen: Director of Electrical Engineering
  • Justin Yee: Director of Advanced Vehicle Engineering
  • Mathew Freiheit: Chief Engineer
  • Anousheh Ansari: Independent Director on the board of Xos
  • Alice K Jackson: Independent Director on the board of Xos

With these leaders and others at the helm, organic mentorship and opportunities for learning are constant at Xos. Working with us means you have an opportunity to be on the ground floor of something new and exciting, without getting lost in the fray. Whether you’re one of our in-house lawyers or a member of the battery engineering team, you’re valued as an individual.

Xos Community Action Program partnership with Los Angeles Mission to deliver 10,000 meals in LA County.

Unique Opportunities for Xos Employees

We pride ourselves in creating a diverse, inclusive environment that promotes growth in our employees as both workers and as individuals.

For example, Xos employees can pursue humanitarian, environmental, or social justice causes through the Xos Community Action Program, an employee-led initiative dedicated to partnering with local nonprofits and organizations to better our surrounding community. Employees can participate in volunteer events like tree planting, food drives, and more.

There are also several employee resource groups designed to foster relationships, build camaraderie, and promote interdepartmental communication whether you’re a remote worker or in-office. These groups include Outstanding People of All Lineages (OPAL) to support employees of color, the Sustainability Employee Resource Group, and Women of Xos.

A Positive Culture with Real Values

We firmly believe that our values are directly tied to the success of our company as a whole, so our values are imbued in our everyday actions at Xos.

Xos Core Values

  • Own It: Be proactive, act with a sense of urgency, and take responsibility.
  • Be Excellent: Contribute excellence in your work, show up as the best version of yourself, and be an excellent teammate.
  • Don’t be a Robot: Be a human, make room for fun, and express your individuality.
  • One Team: Be actively inclusive, embrace diversity, and celebrate others.
  • Always Be Learning: Listen, maintain a growth mindset, and stay humble.
  • Do Right: Be open and honest, practice compassion, and assume positive intent.

From the very top senior leaders to new hires on their first day, we expect all members of the Xos team to model these values to contribute to a positive, rewarding work environment.

Xos Volunteer Day with TreePeople helping nurture saplings.

Where Can I Sign Up?

If you like what you see, join the team! We currently have over 100 open roles at Xos across nearly every department. You can find information about open roles by visiting our LinkedIn or our careers page.

As CTO Rob Ferber notes, “Radical innovations are not the work of radical genius; they’re a matter of a radical perspective change. Where do I need to stand to look at the problems so the solution is simply obvious? I need a lot of points of view and I need a lot of diversity on the team.”

At Xos, we’re all about bringing people together from all types of backgrounds to work toward putting more commercial electric vehicles on the roads.

Watch our video celebrating our staff and the incredible culture we’ve built below:

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