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Expanding Our Network with MHC

At Xos, we manufacture commercial electric trucks that help business owners streamline the fleet electrification process. But we couldn’t fulfill our mission without strategic agreements with other businesses to help expand our potential.

With that said, we’re excited to announce that we’re entering into dealership agreements with MHC Xos, LLC (“MHC Xos”), a subsidiary of Murphy-Hoffman Company, LLC (“MHC”) formed to operate the MHC Xos dealerships. This agreement will enhance the serviceability of Xos vehicles for our customers, starting with an initial rollout in seven locations across six states: Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The MHC stepvan is ready to roll out!

For our end customers, the partnership with MHC Xos means they’ll benefit from enhanced serviceability for their vehicles in MHC Xos service areas. MHC service centers will keep a full inventory of replacement parts on hand to ensure customers keep their vehicles on the road and maximize uptime. If an Xos truck requires maintenance, for example, drivers or fleet operators can head to dedicated Xos bays at designated locations or get easy and quick in-field replacements.

Xos will also benefit from access to MHC Xos sales representatives familiar with both fleet customers and Xos, who can leverage their expansive business network and deep connections in the trucking industry to drive customer demand.

“We are committed to providing an exceptional experience in every aspect of owning, leasing, and operating an Xos vehicle, from the purchase of the vehicle to on-road maintenance,” said Jessica Savage, Head of Dealership Development at Xos. “Establishing a strategic partnership with the leading MHC team builds upon and enhances our excellent customer service and also allows us to expand into new territories.”

MHC Xos delivers peace of mind to our customers when they’re purchasing and servicing their fleets. In addition, MHC’s market expertise and industry-established brand help us focus on customer needs and full-service solutions.

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