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Gold Rush: CITE Armored, Loomis, and Xos Come Together to Roll Out Fully-Electric Armored Delivery Vehicles

No business owner wants to worry about the worst-case scenario. But when your business involves transporting assets like gold, cash, jewelry, and other valuables, you don’t have a choice.

That’s where CITE Armored and Loomis come in. CITE Armored is a leader in custom security manufacturing, and Loomis is an industry leader in cash-in-transit and armored transportation services. Through a collaborative effort with Xos, fully-electric armored delivery vehicles featuring Xos’ proprietary and customizable X-Platform chassis and battery systems have been available since 2018.

The Xos team recently visited the CITE Armored facility where Loomis vehicles are assembled to learn more about what it takes to build a vehicle that protects both its driver and cargo.

Check out the video below of CITE Armored assembling our fully electric armored vehicles and hear from Teresa Hubbard, CEO of Cite Armored.

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