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From the Cosmos to Xos: Improving Tomorrow, Today

As the first female private space explorer, I had the privilege of a life-changing journey to the International Space Station where my view of our world changed forever. What I knew intellectually became a real, living view of the fragile planet we call home.

As I watched this beautiful blue marble float in the dark vastness of space, I knew that no matter how far we travel and what new world we may one day explore, this place, our earth, will always be where we want to return. I also understood its fragility as I had never fully grasped before. It became obvious to me that it is only through innovation and collaboration that we would be able to sustain and continue to live a fulfilling life on earth.

I’m always looking for my next great challenge. I have been given the opportunity to serve as an Independent Director on the board of Xos, Inc. and I look forward to helping lead the company into a new era. Joining Xos complements my lifelong fascination with science and technology as an engineer as well as my passion for building and supporting businesses that are doing great things while doing good for the world.

My Beginnings and Motivations


My fascination with understanding how things are built, technology, and science began when I was a young child in Iran. The night skies and my imagination were powerful gifts that drove me to study and try to understand the universe that surrounds us.

That childhood curiosity is what drove me to cofound two technology companies and why I found myself in outer space, realizing the importance of caring for our planet. To this day, I still think about how I can improve life for others both tomorrow and into the future. STEM industries have made a difference in real, tangible ways and I believe they will continue to play a big role in the future.

My love for science and decades of experience with new business ventures and nonprofit organizations have shaped my approach to building mission-driven technology companies. I’ve learned how to lift others by fostering an enduring sense of curiosity and optimism.

Why Xos?

One reason I chose to join Xos is to support a company working to make a positive environmental impact through innovative technology. Humanity’s increased reliance on online transactions and a global supply chain is a significant contributor to carbon emissions. Electric vehicle companies like Xos represent an important step in reducing emissions and promoting the cause of cleaner air in the transportation sector.

I prefer to take deliberate, sensible steps toward a more sustainable future. Therefore, I think it’s critical to take a pragmatic market-based approach toward EV development with businesses like Xos.

We must understand what fleet operators need and want. For example, what’s needed for EV deployment? What are the cost factors? In the end, Xos isn’t just selling a truck; it’s providing a comprehensive solution with an array of services.

I believe that Xos offers a way to make electric transportation practical for businesses looking for ways to cut costs and emissions.

Speaking at “AI for Good” in 2018.

Experience and Qualifications

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science at George Mason University and earned my Master’s Degree at George Washington University.

Currently, I serve as director of Jabil Inc., a leading provider of worldwide manufacturing services and solutions, and as chair of the board of directors of Sceye Inc., a platform for a leading new generation of high-altitude platform stations or HAPS.

I’m also Chief Executive Officer of XPRIZE Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that designs and implements competition models to solve world challenges.

I co-founded Prodea Systems, Inc. and served as CEO for 13 years, which provided services and applications for in-home smart devices, networked appliances, and mobile lifestyle devices. I was also co-founder of Telecom Technologies, Inc., which developed software for intelligent software systems for the telecommunications market.

I look forward to serving on the Board for Xos and doing my part to realize a sustainable future for all.



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