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Continuing an Automotive Legacy: Meet Steve Ivsan, Head of Program Management

  1. Setting up the systems and processes to help the company build and develop a high-quality product faster and at a better cost. I’ll also help the company clearly define the product plan so we can focus on executing it in the best possible way. In addition, I’ll help create a clear definition of what our offerings will be to the market, so we can focus on the offerings that give the best return for customers and investors.
  2. Helping the company accelerate some of the key systems within the company. I expect that systems implementation will be an important driver of success.
  3. Defining the product plan, defining the product roadmap, and managing the programs within the company. I’m driving all facets of the organization to meet a common goal — from a cost, timing, and quality perspective.

Adding Talent to the Team

We’re excited to welcome Steve to the Xos team and look forward to seeing the positive impacts of his leadership.

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