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Inspiring the Next Generation: Sharing Our Vision of Sustainability with Kids at Touch-A-Truck

This past Sunday, our Women of Xos employee resource group (ERG) and Xos Community Action Program (XCAP) teamed up with the Junior League of Los Angeles for their annual Touch-A-Truck event!

Founded in 1926, the Junior League of Los Angeles is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the city of Los Angeles a healthier place to live for children and families. The Junior League of Los Angeles’ annual Touch-A-Truck event is designed to let kids come and explore the different types of trucks that help keep their community safe and clean. This includes police cars, fire trucks, waste management trucks, and electric vehicles! In fact, Xos had the one and only electric vehicle at the event, and we were excited to show kids how we are contributing to not only a cleaner Los Angeles, but a cleaner world.

“The turnout was overwhelming: the place was packed with hundreds of people! Yet Xos stood out from the crowd as the only EV on display,” said Holly Johnson, Adventure Coach at Xos.

Women of Xos, one of our employee resource groups, teamed up with the Xos Community Action Program to bring the kids of LA a fun and interactive experience with our stepvan. The experience started with a chalk-filled parking lot directing attendees into our truck, reading “welcome to your future.” From there, kids took a tour of our stepvan while learning about our 100% battery-electric vehicles and how they help keep the air we breathe free of greenhouse gas emissions.

“The event was not just for kids — their parents were also intrigued about our electric stepvan and wanted to learn more about Xos and our mission. I can’t wait to make an even bigger impact when we return next year!” said Sandhya Srinivas, hardware in-the-loop systems engineer.

After the truck tour, kids were handed a children’s book written by our very own Holly Johnson, and participated in interactive activities such as Xos coloring books, word searches, worksheets, and some sidewalk chalk fun!

“Giving kids a glimpse of their future, and the future of transportation was really fun. The kids had so much insight into what they want their future to look like and what they want their world to be. It was so heartwarming to hear their thoughts and see them be so inspired by our truck,” said Winter Fate Morvant, head of the Xos Community Action Program.

We were thrilled to work with the Junior League of Los Angeles to promote a healthy community for the Los Angeles and beyond. Want to learn more about the Junior League of Los Angeles and how you can help? Visit their website here! Also, check out our children’s book: The Little Truck and the Bright New Day.

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