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Community Outreach, Volunteering, and Electric Trucks

Community is at the heart of our culture here at Xos. So for our Q2 initiative, the Xos Community Action Program worked with Ascencia, a local non-profit with a mission to lift people out of homelessness. Xosians rallied to provide them with the supplies they needed most.

Our XCAP program held an internal food and hygiene goods drive to collect essentials for the community and assembled hygiene kits as well as sandwiches. From there, we had a fun day of volunteering and came together to assemble over 100 hygiene kits and 100 sandwiches!

In addition to our initiative, we brought in reinforcements. Xos was excited to welcome Matt and Anup from The Fast and The Curious to take a tour of our Los Angeles headquarters, chat with our Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Giordano Sordoni, take a ride in our SV05 stepvan, and help out with our initiative with Ascencia.

Our community outreach programs always focuses on making a positive impact on the people that make up our community just as much as our technology focuses on making the planet a better place.

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