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73 More Units On The Road

Each quarter, we inch closer to our goal of providing the most durable electric vehicles and software to diesel fleets to help them transition to a more sustainable, cost-effective operation. Today we’re pleased to share that in the second quarter of 2022, we delivered 73 total units to customers across North America. Diesel engine emissions continue to be a major health and environmental hazard not only here in California, but throughout the world, so with our growing footprint, we’re happy to be doing our part to build a more sustainable world.

The work we do at Xos is crucial, and sharing our victories is not only a win for our team who works hard every day to get our trucks on the road, but a victory for all. With that said, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our amazing partners who share our mission. Loomis, FedEx Ground Operators, Zeem Solutions, and Merchants Fleet all contribute to the work we do by transitioning their fleet from internal combustion engine to battery-electric with Xos.

Xos stepvan

Of note, we delivered three of our stepvans to FedEx Ground Operator Cutone Transport Inc. in Canada, marking our first customer to our neighbors up north. This recent delivery brings the total number of FedEx Ground Operators who operate Xos vehicles to seven, and Xos vehicles delivered to FedEx Ground Operators to 24 overall.

We’re excited to roll out the all-electric vehicles from Xos to help us become a more sustainable enterprise while also saving on fuel and maintenance costs. — Peter Cutone, Owner of Cutone Transport, Inc.

stepvans with fedex branding
One of Xos’ stepvans delivered to FedEx Ground Operator Cutone Transportation Inc.

One of our returning customers, Merchants Fleet, has purchased and received 58 of our 100% battery-electric stepvans to three of their locations in the United States- — San Diego, Calif., North Highland, Calif., and Hooksett, N.H.

Merchants Fleet has been providing services such as fleet management and fleet leasing solutions to governments, educational institutions, and companies of all sizes for over 50 years.

“At the end of 2021, we had announced our $2.5 billion commitment to electrifying our fleet and the intention to buy 40,000 electric vehicles. Partnering with innovative OEMs like Xos helps us to reach this important goal.” — Hari Nayar, Vice President of Fleet Electrification and Sustainability at Merchants Fleet.

Xos stepvan with Merchants Fleet signage.

Return customer Loomis has purchased four additional Xos vehicles that will be delivered to their California, New Jersey, and North Carolina locations. Loomis is the largest cash distribution company in the United States with over 200 locations. Their distributors include financial institutions, commercial, and retail businesses.

“Xos vehicles continue to deliver value to our growing fleet by helping us cut back on fuel and maintenance costs while also helping us meet our sustainability goals.” — Eric Rickard, Vice President of Procurement and Fleet of Loomis.

Armored Xos Loomis vehicle

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