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Route Consultant Las Vegas: Your EV Questions Answered

It has always been a pleasure to take our vehicles around the country to showcase them and show our current and potential customers exactly what they’re getting when they purchase an electric vehicle from Xos. This past weekend, we headed to Las Vegas for the annual Route Consultant Contractor Expo where FedEx Ground independent service providers (ISPs) traveled from all over the U.S. to learn more about growing their fleet. This year, the push for electrification was taken to a new level. It wasn’t, “When am I going to have to start making the switch to electric?”—it was, “Now is the time to make the switch to electric, so how do I do it?” With that said, we wanted to highlight the top five questions from FedEx ISPs that we received this weekend to help those better understand the process when transitioning from internal combustion engine to electric with Xos.

Esther M. Santos (L) & Jose Castanada (R)

How does Xos support charging? 

Within Xos, Xos Energy Solutions provides comprehensive infrastructure services to small and large fleets to help accelerate their deployment of commercial electric vehicles. The services include Xos Hub™, our mobile charging station capable of charging up to five vehicles at once, and a suite of smaller, portable chargers with various charge capabilities. Reach out to our Sales team who can provide quotes on the various charging units we have available. 


Do you help customers identify any state incentives for purchasing electric vehicles?

Absolutely. Every state is different, so we have an in-house grants team specifically focused on helping our customers identify and apply for the various incentive programs that exist in their state to help ensure they get the best possible deal when they purchase an electric vehicle. For example, here in California, we work with the HVIP program, which can get customers a grant of up to $85k off their purchase of an electric vehicle, subject to certain terms and availability. With the new Inflation Reduction Act, customers may also be eligible for up to $40,000 in tax credits on the purchase of an Xos electric vehicle. With both state incentives and the new Inflation Reduction Act, there are plenty of ways to help save when purchasing your electric vehicle. 


What’s the cost to purchase an Xos vehicle? 

Since our vehicles are modular, meaning every vehicle is purpose-built to each customers’ needs, pricing varies. There are a few factors that go into price differentiation: range and battery configuration (we currently offer three different range options), terrain, and payload. Our vehicles range in price based on battery configuration and body size. The typical starting price is around $140,000. When you consider state incentives, the new Inflation Reduction Act, financing options, and the total cost of ownership over the lifespan of the truck, Xos vehicles are an economical investment in the future of your business and the planet. 

Route Consultant Las Vegas

How does Xos service vehicles on the road? 

We partner with multiple Xos authorized service providers throughout the country. Once you purchase a vehicle from us, we will connect you with the closest service provider to your location. No service provider near your routes? No problem. We are continuously expanding our service provider network throughout the country for the convenience of our customers. 


What makes Xos different from other EV companies? 

One of the biggest differentiators is our track record of success with getting trucks on the road. We have been putting trucks on the road since 2018 and currently work with multiple nationwide fleets like Loomis, UniFirst, Merchants Fleet, and more. Not only do we sell electric vehicles, but we also offer charging infrastructure, a fleet intelligence platform to help manage your fleet, and leasing and financing options. We offer everything that a fleet could need to make the transition to electric and are proud to be one of the few electric truck OEMs with vehicles on the road.  


As the leading services provider for battery electric fleets, we are excited to continue getting electric vehicles out on the road. Our time at Route Consultant taught us that people are more eager than ever to make the switch to electric. Our team is available and happy to help with any questions you may have regarding our electric vehicles, charging, and fleet management platform. For more information, reach out to us at sales@xostrucks.com.

Route Consultant Las Vegas

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