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Charging Infrastructure

Xos Energy Solutions

Electrification Support

From one EV to thousands, XES is here to help.

Xos Energy Solutions™ (XES) is a suite of comprehensive charging infrastructure and services that expedite the process of commercial fleet electrification. XES encompasses all aspects of infrastructure development to ensure effective and timely fleet deployment. XES is available as part of Xos Fleet-As-A-Service offering.

XOS Serve

Xos Serve™ is an all-in-one infrastructure system for rapid electric fleet deployment

Xos Serve is Xos’ infrastructure-as-a-service, which enables organizations to deploy sizable electric vehicle fleets without the need to manage the complexity involved. Xos handles all stages of the process, including:

  • Energy procurement
  • Mobile infrastructure installation
  • Utility coordination
  • Site evaluation and preparation
  • Charger installation
  • Energy storage development and installation
  • Energy management
  • Flexible purchasing
  • Leasing and financing support


Why Xos Energy Solutions?

XES develops infrastructure solutions for fleets that help lower the TCO (total cost of ownership) while improving overall cost predictability. Other fuels like diesel or gasoline face volatile price swings, which can cut into the bottom line. As fleets scale up infrastructure to support electric vehicles, they need solutions to control costs and ensure that related energy construction timelines don't delay deployments. Instead of going to multiple partners for construction, permitting, or charging, everything businesses need to launch an electric fleet can be sourced directly from Xos. As the single energy stakeholder, Xos can maintain quality control and simplify the entire fleet electrification process.

How it Works

Analysis, Recommendation, Implementation, Iteration.

To use Energy Solutions, Xos evaluates a client’s current energy system, determines any necessary facility upgrades or recommendations, and plans modifications. Xos ensures that the electrical system is ready to support electric truck charging in the short term, but technicians also future-proof the systems to allow for a growing electric fleet.

Xos technicians and team members continue to monitor systems and infrastructure over-time to make recommendations and keep fleet owners appraised of the latest technology and best-practices.

Each charging solution is custom-built to ensure it meets the needs of the client. As a result, Xos Energy Solutions can offer fleet owners and operators a practical, all-in-one approach for fleet electrification.

  • Fixed energy pricing
  • No charge flex infrastructure
  • High uptime with service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Modular scalability

Instant Infrastructure

The Hub

A key part of the XES offering, The Hub acts as a massive (400kWh) intelligent battery which is used to charge trucks or other vehicles and can optimize energy usage by filling up during off-peak times.

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